Shipping information


We ship throughout Europe
 with the exception of the following destinations:
Cyprus (CY), England (GB-ENG), Scotland (GB-SCT), Wales (GB-WLS), Livigno (IT), Campione d'Italia (IT), Italian waters of Lake Lugano included in the Ponte Tresa section (IT) and Porto Ceresio (IT), Mount Athos (GR), Helgoland Island (DE), Busingen territory (DE), overseas departments (Guadeloupe), French Guiana, Martinika, Reunion (FR), Canary Islands (ES), Ceuta (XC), Melilla (XL), Channel Islands (GB), Aland Island (FI), Principality of Monaco (FR), Isle of Man (GB), Akrotiri (GB).



1-4 working days* (North and Centre)
2-4 working days* (South and Islands)

* indicative times, calculated on the basis of shipments made to major Italian cities.


2-6 working days *
* indicative times, calculated on the basis of shipments made to major European cities .

4-9 working days**
**only for the following destinations: Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary.

30-45 working days***
***only for the following destinations: Azores, Madeira.

Shipping costs differ between standard costs and cash on delivery costs, and vary based on the amount of the order (net of goods) and the country of destination (see tables below).

NB for orders starting from €3,000.00 (net goods) shipping is free .

NATION €0 - 299 €300 - 499 €500 - 999 €1000 - 1999 €2000 - 2999 ≥ €3000
Austria €15.00 €24.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 Free
Belgium €15.00 €24.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 Free
Bulgaria €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
Croatia €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
CzechRepublic €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
Denmark €15.00 €24.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 Free
Estonia €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
Finland €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
France €15.00 €24.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 Free
Germany €15.00 €24.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 Free
Greece €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
Hungary €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
Ireland €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
Italy €9.00 €12.00 €24.00 €40.00 €72.00 Free
Latvia €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
Lithuania €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
Luxembourg €15.00 €24.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 Free
Malta €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
Netherlands €15.00 €24.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 Free
Northern Ireland €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
Poland €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
Portugal €15.00 €24.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 Free
Romania €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
Slovakia €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
Slovenia €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
Spain €15.00 €24.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 Free
Sweden €30.00 €40.00 €60.00 €72.00 €92.00 Free
NATION €0 - 299 €300 - 499 €500 - 999 €1000 - 1999 €2000 - 2999 ≥ €3000
Italy €15.00 €24.00 €40.00 €60.00 €86.00 Free

Rates are subject to increases for shipments to remote or disadvantaged locations. For Italy the surcharges vary from €5 to €15.


Cash on delivery is permitted only and exclusively by cash for the following maximum amounts:

Italy €4999.99

Some shipping methods offered are "traceable" and, therefore, can be constantly followed during the various stages of the shipment. This service, however, is not available for all orders. You will have the possibility to choose the shipping method of your package directly on the purchasing page.

Orders placed are normally shipped the next working day after placing the order. Shipments within the EU may take over 7 working days. Shipping to non-EU countries can take over 2 weeks.
Orders that are shipped with a Tracking number tend to arrive more quickly. As soon as the package is delivered to the courier you will receive a Tracking number which will provide you with details on the delivery situation.

Obligations borne by the Consumer
The shipping costs for returning the products received are borne by the Consumer, which must be shipped within fourteen days from the date on which he communicated his decision to withdraw from the contract (the deadline is respected if the Consumer sends back the goods before the expiry of the eight day period).
The substantial integrity of the goods is an essential condition for exercising the Right of Withdrawal. The Product must therefore be kept with normal diligence and returned intact, complete in all its parts, perfectly functional and free of signs of wear or dirt.

The withdrawal period ends after 8 (eight) days from receipt of the goods or, in the case of services, from the conclusion of the contract. Within this period the Customer must communicate to Allingro his wish to withdraw from the contract

  • By sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or a telegram, or any other explicit communication of the decision to withdraw, to the following address/number:
MITROVO SRL Via Portugal 11/7 Sector 1 35127 Padua (Pd)


1. The main objective is to ensure that the order arrives at its destination as soon as possible. However, it is the customers and/or recipients who assume responsibility, at the time of purchase, for the products received and the delivery details provided (always check that they are correct).

2. We cannot accept any responsibility for any losses incurred by the customer or the recipient in terms of non-refundable transport costs and/or additional costs for delivery of the goods or for their replacement.

3. In the event that you receive an incorrect, damaged or non-compliant item, please contact us by telephone or email within three days of receiving your order, preferably with a photograph of the package and its contents.

4. If you refuse an order, please contact us by phone or email to let us know. The refund of the order will take place only after it has returned to our warehouse, once the integrity of the goods has been verified. You will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

5. The Customer acknowledges that the collection of the Product is his precise obligation deriving from the purchase contract. In the event of non-delivery due to the absence of the recipient at the address specified in the order form, after two unsuccessful delivery attempts, the package will be "in storage". In the event of failure to collect the Product within five working days of the first delivery attempt, the contract will be considered terminated and the purchase order consequently canceled pursuant to art. 1456 cc Once the contract is terminated, the total amount paid by the Customer will be refunded, minus the costs of unsuccessful delivery of the Product and the return costs (equal to €15.00 in total). The termination of the contract and the refund amount will be communicated to the Customer via e-mail.

6. In the case of returns, the outward shipping costs will remain your responsibility. Only the amount of the goods will be refunded. Please do not send products back without contacting us first.

7. We assume no responsibility for any missing goods inside a package, if they were present in the DDT (transport document) and in the commercial document.

Refunds are possible by the shipping company if the shipment is insured. Departure shipping costs and import duty are non-refundable. The same applies to the costs incurred for the return and insurance of the item, unless otherwise agreed.

As already reported in "Terms & Conditions" the responsibility lies with the customer/recipient once the order is shipped.

Assistance and packaging

In case of return for assistance, to avoid inconveniences it is necessary and we recommend the original packaging but if it is not available it must still be prepared in the same way, therefore with double rigid corrugated cardboard for the outside and well padded inside (so that the product is not in contact with the external walls of the cardboard and remains well fixed inside even by shaking it forcefully) to avoid any damage during transport movements, which due to the inadequacy of the packaging would not be covered by the insurance.