For your own brand/label

We remain the exclusive service of Private Label!

Do you dream of your brand but don't you want to face the complication of product development from scratch? With the private label service, you are a step closer to realizing that dream!

Choose from the Signature Collection of Alingu:

Our vast collection of products is at hand. Select the design that resonate with your brand and your audience.

Simple customization:

Customization of the logo: replace our brand with yours! Apply your logo, making sure that your products are distinguished and they speak a lot about your brand.
Packs to match your vision: our products, your packs! Customize the packaging to reflect the aesthetics and ethics of your brand.
Special pre-order option for easier start:

Do you think the order quantity to start high? Opt for our special pre-order. Get products without our logo, starting from only 50 pieces for product variant per color. An ideal way to start without a huge commitment.

A transparent process guarantees satisfaction:

Once you decide the products and share your customization needs, we will create a sample for your approval. Production will start only with your consent, ensuring that the final product is perfectly aligned with your expectations.

Essential information:

Minimum order quantity for the product line: 300 pieces for product variant per color.

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